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    Familiarization Trip

    The purpose of the Familiarization Trip is to give the assignee and family an overview of life in a foreign destination. It is often used as part of the assignee’s decision-making process.

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    Language Training

    Staff Relocation Services helps your relocating employee and family to live and work in the host country by training them in the local language and business dialect.

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    Tenancy Management

    For employees on long-term international assignment, this program offers complete management of

    all housing-related expenses and budgeting, as well as coordinate repairs.

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    Schooling Assistance

    Based on information obtained through the needs assessment, SRS assists the assignee to find the most appropriate schools in each case.

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    Our goal is to assist the assignee and his/her family with settling in acquainting with the area and its resources while helping him/her to quickly reach a normal level of productivity.

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    Group Mobility Management

    We provide logistic support to move entire companies from one city to another. This service includes the same type of backup we provide for expatriate executives and their families.

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    Departure Package

    The purpose of this package is to effectively and efficiently support the assignee in the process of returning to his/her home country or another international assignment.

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    Global Household Goods Transportation

    SRS provides a door to door service, based on an all-inclusive platform from origin and line haul services to customs clearance, port services and destination delivery; itemized costs; and detailed invoices for each component of the move.

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    Policy Consulting

    From group moves to creating policies to managing mergers worldwide, our consulting group helps Companies develop effective strategies for managing their human capital, while minimizing costs and increasing employee satisfaction.

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    Spouse Assistance

    This program is designed to assist spouses/partners in two main areas based on specific needs:
    · Lifestyle Resource Assistance: Provides assistance with non-career focused interests (education, civic/charitable activities, hobbies, sports, etc.).
    · Job Search Assistance: Focuses on full-time or part-time employment.

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    Home Management

    For employees who want to rent out their homes while on assignment, our home management specialists will qualify tenants, negotiate leases, manage repairs, payments and rent collection, and maintain communication with assignees to help ensure their peace of mind.

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    Furniture Rental

    Family needs to feel at home. While House Hold Goods get to the destination country, expatriated employee can move in the new home at the destination country and have all required furniture and appliances rented.

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    Policy Administration

    SRS manages all administration components of the corporation policy, such as: expense projection, advanced payments, reimbursements of expenses, rental payments, schools, utilities, reports, etc.

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    Intercultural Training

    The Cross cultural training enables the assignee and his/her family to adjust successfully to destination countries, avoiding an expensive failure. Our program helps the assignee and his/her family to understand the values of their country of destination and the impact it has on their everyday life. They also discuss the manifestations of the “cultural shock” and how to deal with them. This program is tailored in a particular way, depending on origin and destination countries.

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    Home Finding

    House hunting assistance is the main feature of this service enhanced by the efficiency of time and resources accomplished due to a good identification of family needs and pre selection of properties as well as the performance of a complete inventory prior the move in.

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    Visa and Immigration

    We support assignees in the process of obtaining their visas, permits, renewals, etc.

    a)Our visa/immigration specialists’ work can include interfacing with consulates, embassies and migratory authorities, monitoring the progress of applications and coordinating all paperwork of all related procedures and follow-up with the proper authorities until the process is complete. We keep the Client and assignee aware of all developments.

    SRS Relocation also provides database tracking of visa expiration dates in order to facilitate the renewal process in a timely fashion.

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    Immigration Services

    • Work visas (FM-3 & FM-2)

    • Business visas

    • Dependent visas

    • Student visas

    • Change of status

    • Change of activity and employer

    • Naturalization

    • Renewals of FM-3 and FM-2 visas

    • Permanent residence status- Immigrado status

    • Duplicate visas

    • Extension of activities

    • Cancellation of visas

    • Exit permits

    • Regularization of expired visas

    • Change of marital status

    • CURP

    • Auditing of status of foreign employees

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    Other related services

    • Consular visas through foreign consulates

    • Apostille

    • Certifications of official documents

    • Legalizations of official documents

    • Police records

    • Certified copies from the National Registry

    • Notarizations of official documents by notary public

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    A program specially design to keep HR personnel, assignee and SRS DC informed about the status of the relocation process, allowing accurate communications and immediate access to any update in any case from any computer around the world.